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Sous le haut patronage du 1er Ministre, Monsieur Edouard Philippe
3 & 4 novembre 2020
Paris Porte de Versailles
Le salon de la performance énergétique des bâtiments
The LoRa Alliance® is the fastest growing technology alliance. A non-profit association of more than 500 member companies, committed to enabling large scale deployment of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) IoT through the development and promotion of the LoRaWAN® open standard. Members benefit from a vibrant ecosystem of active contributors offering solutions, products & services, which create new and sustainable business opportunities.

Through standardisation and the accredited certification scheme the LoRa Alliance® delivers the interoperability needed for LPWA networks to scale, making LoRaWAN® the premier solution for global LPWAN deployments.

With an extensive global footprint of public networks and real world deployments.

Produits présentés
Decentlab- Decentlab’s Indoor Ambiance Monitor continuously measures carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration,
volatile organic compounds (VOC), temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, ambient light and
motion / presence.

Orbiwise- SYSDEV & OrbiWise propose an innovative solution (SHBox™ - the black box of infrastructures, connected with OrbiWAN™ - one of the most advanced LoRaWAN Network Servers) for structural health monitoring based on the IoT (Internet of Things) paradigm.

Robustel- Robustel R3000 LG is an industrial-grade LoRaWAN gateway, integrated with LoRaWAN wireless communication technology and cellular network technology, to provide users with wireless long-distance data transmission services.

Skiply + Microshare- Smilio is an easy-to-use and powerful connected IoT solution that places feedback at the heart of organizations. Fully customizable (1 to 5 buttons), Smilio terminals can trigger multiple actions in real-time: requests for cleaning/maintenance services, for callbacks, security alerts, etc.

Liste des marques
Skiply and Microshare

Type(s) :
  • Exposant, Stand E20
Parcours thématique :
  • Smart Cities/ Smart Grids
  • Smart transports : Mobilité électrique / Bornes de recharge / Systèmes embarqués / autopartage /covoiturage
  • Test et Mesure / Smart Metering / Compteurs intelligents
Lien : https://lora-alliance.org/
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