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Sous le haut patronage du 1er Ministre, Monsieur Edouard Philippe
3 & 4 novembre 2020
Paris Porte de Versailles
Le salon de la performance énergétique des bâtiments
OpenSensors provides the next generation Smart Building Management System.

OpenSensors enable organisations to understand the usage of building space, desks, meeting rooms, shared workspaces and environmental conditions in order to design and manage complex office environments using data.

They put customers in control to optimise and manage their workplace strategies by giving them a complete picture of space occupancy to make important operational change decisions and improve the wellbeing of employees. They facilitate organisations to make smarter decisions about their real estate from reducing costs, efficiently manage space capacity to optimising workspace utilisation. They do this by combining sensor technology with data to accurately measure space utilisation in real time.

OpenSensors has a multidisciplinary team with experience in large scale projects. Their ambition is to enable organisations to have a positive impact on employee wellbeing and the wider community in order to build a sustainable future.

Headquartered in London since 2014 they have a growing footprint across Europe and North America

Produits présentés
Enabling customers to gather workspace occupancy data and understand how to use it to optimise their workplace strategies and manage space capacity.

We help organisations make smart decisions about their real estate, from costs to planning space capacity and increasing workspace utilisation by automating data collection through the use of sensor technology and the LoRawan network.

This powers our analytics platform to provide customers
●A complete view of space utilisation - to help customers create right size meeting rooms / shared workspaces to move towards an Activity Based Working environment or inform future workplace designs.
●A powerful dashboard with features created based on customer feedback on what is really needed
●Tools to plan and forecast space capacity as well as understand how much space is needed.
●To make data driven strategies - add value at board meetings and influence stakeholder conversation around space allocation.
●Easy to navigate and extract data based on metric requirements.
●Workplace Consultation - customers can spend less time deciphering the data as we will do this for them.

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Activité : Autres services
Type(s) :
  • Exposant, Stand E20
Parcours thématique :
  • Convergence des technologies Smart building et Smart city (intéropérabilité des systèmes IT)
  • Facility Management / Exploitation / Maintenance technique du bâtiment
  • Gestion intelligente des espaces / Automation / Confort aux occupants / Immotique
Lien : https://www.opensensors.com/
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